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Newsletter Guidelines

The following guidelines detail the process of contributing articles for the Century City Bar Association newsletter.

Target Audience

The CCBA newsletter is sent to our list of 5,000 lawyers working in or around Century City. The Century City Bar Association's mission is to create community among lawyers practicing in Century City and to continually enrich their professional lives with networking opportunities and educational programming.

The purpose of the newsletter is to provide useful, current, and enlightening content to our members and potential members. The CCBA welcomes newsletter contributions from legal professionals working the Century City area. Articles must be educational in nature on legal topics of general interest. We do not publish promotional articles or articles that are overtly political.


We publish articles on virtually any topic of potential interest to the legal community of Century City and beyond. These include:

  • Commentary or analysis on current or past legal cases
  • Useful advice and tips for lawyers
  • Articles examining current events, culture, and the arts through a legal lens
  • Book reviews
  • Interviews with interesting figures in and around the legal community
Submission Guidelines

To submit an idea or article for the newsletter, please e-mail editor Brett Taylor at and Shaili Jalali at Indicate the topic of the article, the author's name and affiliation, title where applicable, and proposed word count. Submission does not guarantee publication.

Most articles submitted for publication should be 500 to 1500 words in length - and preferably on the short side.

There is no payment for any article published and the author retains long-term copyrights to his or her articles.

Please submit your work in Microsoft Word using the following guidelines:

  • Include the title and name of author at the top
  • Always spell check and proofread for any errors
  • Articles should be single spaced
Author Photo and Bio

Please include a brief (three to four sentence) bio of the author with the article as well as a color headshot of the author in jpeg format.